Intelligent AnalyticsLeverage data to optimize training, calculate ROI, and direct investment in your people

Gain comprehensive insight into the activity and effectiveness of your learning programs with data that delivers instant visibility to learning administrators, people managers, and executives. Reports and dashboards reflect activity or outcomes in EXLhub and can correlate training activity with any other data across EXLhub to reveal trends and opportunities. Integrate external data sources to further explore the impact of training on your business.

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Immersive ExperiencesEXLhub makes VR, AR, and simulation-based training easy and measurable

Seamlessly include and track fully-immersive VR/AR training with EXLhub. Create experiences that bring learners into a situation and test their skills in a highly life-like environment. Administrators receive detailed interaction and success metrics that are made available throughout the EXLhub One Platform.

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Adaptive Real-world LabsCreate and auto-grade scenarios with EXLhub's AI-assisted labs

Leadership teams gain access to a best-in-class extensible lab ecosystem alongside a pre-built offering specifically for digital and enterprise IT learning. They can create real-world and measurable training experiences that build concrete skills while changing the way employees see training.

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Always Be LearningUse EXLhub anytime, anywhere, from nearly any device - even when offline!

All of EXLhub’s applications are mobile-friendly and can be used whenever, wherever, by your employees. For additional flexibility, learners can also download content for offline use. When learners come back online, their interaction data is seamlessly uploaded for analysis. With the opportunity to learn anytime, your training is no longer limited to a classroom or time of day.

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Smart SearchEXLhub's algorithms make everything from video transcripts, to images fully searchable. Find exactly what you need, when you need it

Employees are able to use EXLhub’s deep search for any topic across the organization, 3rd party tools, and the web from a single intelligent portal. Leaders receive insights on search trends which in turn drive the creation and adoption of modern, relevant, and engaging learning programs that employees really need.

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Powerful AuthoringWho said that course creation has to be hard? Leverage the fastest, most feature-rich, and customizable course creation system with EXLhub One

Leaders are equipped to rapidly create, update, and configure learning programs. This includes the ability to import standardized learning content as well as build and edit modules and courses for both required training and optional on-demand learning. With features like bulk-enrollment and grading requirements management, it’s easier than ever to get your team started!

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Sharing is LearningEXLhub enables your people to create, share, and collaborate on micro-learning that creates an ecosystem of shared knowledge

Employees are enabled to efficiently share and document findings and solutions with their peers. Content development duration and expenses are reduced through employee collaboration throughout the creation process. Employee engagement soars as they have opportunities to share their expertise with easy and fast content sharing tools. Leaders maintain as much or as little control over the content as required.

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Worried About Support?Don't be! EXLhub One comes with hundreds of actively-maintained how-to's, and if you have questions, you can call our global support team 24/7.

The EXLhub team invests heavily in a breadth of always up-to-date resources that help you to get started, implement, and customize the platform. When you can’t find the answer there, or if you’d just rather speak to a human, EXLhub’s support team is online 24/7 to help answer your questions and ensure that you have the best experience possible.

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Looking for awesome content? Leverage thousands of ready-made courses
from EXL partners or embed content from your favorite sites.

The Future of Professional Learning has ArrivedWhether you're rolling out a training platform for the first time, or you've been using a learning management system for years, EXLhub and its partners have you covered from beginning to end.


Your learning platform should make you happy, not frustrated. EXLhub goes above and beyond to make delivering powerful and effective learning as easy as it should be.


Let the virtual EXLhub minions do the heavy lifting so that you can focus on your business. Automate repetitive tasks, receive help automatically, and build lessons that teach themselves.


Investing in your people shouldn’t break the bank. We know that. EXLhub’s flexible subscription model makes sure that you only pay for what you use.

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