Our StoryWhy we Started EXL Inc.

Our journey began in 2015 when EXL founder Sasha Varlamov experienced first-hand the rapidly accelerating pace of change within organizations – driven in large part by rapidly-evolving technologies and regulatory requirements – while leading new IT initiatives at large enterprises. After seeing how existing systems failed to address these critical needs, Sasha set out to build a unified intelligent platform for businesses to revolutionize their approach to training in order to drive innovation, automate repetitive tasks in the training workflow, and create a culture of continuous learning and improvement. Together with Stan Varlamov, who shares that same passion for helping people excel in the workplace, Sasha founded EXL in 2016. Since then, EXL has grown to include many IT, design, and learning veterans who helped successfully launch the EXLhub One platform.

Management Team

Sasha VarlamovChief Executive Officer

Sasha has led EXL since its inception and focuses primarily on product and strategy. Prior to EXL, Sasha led several IT projects at multi-national enterprises where he developed customized recruitment technologies and organized large programming competitions for the purpose of recruiting software developers – these experiences helped to form the initial thesis for EXL, which came from teaching and working with a lot of junior developers in a fast-paced environment, where training for new projects and technologies was a top priority.

Stan VarlamovChief Technology Officer

Stan has been full-time on the team since late 2016 and brings with him a long track record in enterprise IT and consulting. He managed large-scale projects at Oracle, Denovo, Capgemini, and E&Y – predominantly for blue-chip clients. At EXL, Stan focuses on pre-sales, IT operations, technical hiring, and support. Coming from a high-stakes enterprise IT background, Stan not only has a passion for developing high-quality, maintainable, and secure software, but also for building the teams that can effectively collaborate to build and operate complex systems that require vast amounts of developers – often hailing from a myriad of cultures, offices, and time zones.

Karim MarroucheHead of Business Development

After working on several projects with the EXL team, Karim joined full-time in late 2017 to manage EXL’s business development. Along with his long-time passion for engineering, product, and cutting-edge technology, Karim brings years of consulting and project experience – with specific expertise in Asian markets, including China. Having been previously involved in startups at the management level, he also has unique expertise in rapidly scaling teams, optimizing workflows, and financing.

Directors & Advisors

John HsuDirector

John Hsu is a career finance professional and director of OSS Capital. He brings years of venture capital and private equity experience to the EXL team and assists in matters ranging from strategy to legal.

Jonathan SchmidtDirector

Jonathan has been a long-time advisor and director of EXL. After exiting three technology and media ventures in Asia, he joined the Financial Times as a managing director and subsequently worked at the World Economic Forum on program agenda. He assists the management team in matters relating to operations, strategy, financing, and legal.

Gabriel FongAdvisor

Former chairman of GoGoVan, Gabriel Fong advises the EXL board on fundraising, scaling, and business development. Prior to his investment and tenure at GoGoVan, Gabriel held various leadership positions at Och-Ziff Capital, Morgan Stanley, and Goldman Sachs.